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A big thank you

FIVE days from now we will celebrate Christmas and a week later we will be entering 2010. 
The Sunday Express team would like to wish you, our dear readers and valuable advertisers, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
We are aware that many of us will travel and make merry this festive season.
Indeed, there will be endless parties and shows.
For those who have had a challenging year this is the time to unwind, introspect and plot the year ahead.
For those who have had a prosperous year, this too is the time to take a break and plan an even better 2010.
But we understand that in this festive season many of us will throw caution to the wind and indulge in reckless spending, driving and drinking.
We are not doomsayers but past experience has clearly shown that during and after the festive season many will be crying, not tears of joy but of sorrow and pain.
Many will lose their lives and loved ones will be lost.
There will be many who will be scarred for life.
Valuables will be lost.
We urge caution on the road for the sake of your life and that of others.
A cocktail of drinking and driving is toxic. It has always been. 
We need not only be cautious on the roads.
Make it a habit to drink less or nothing at all this season.
But if you really have to overindulge, please sit quietly on that passenger seat and let the sober ones do the driving.
Your weakness for the merry waters should not threaten anyone in any way because it is yours. 
Driving under the influence might be the main but it’s certainly not the only danger this festive season.
There are many monsters that can devour us this season if we are not careful.
We are talking about diseases that we might contract.
We are talking about those avoidable fights that might end in bloodshed.
But all these are monsters that we can successfully avoid if we are diligent enough and we take a moment to think before we partake in anything potentially risky.
Our advice is that during these few days, we should not lose our heads to end up doing things that we will regret.
Of course, it’s just a week but some decisions might completely ruin your life and that of others.
We also urge caution on the pocket.
How you spend your money in the next two weeks will determine how you will start the next year.
For some, January will be a miserable month with gripping debts, school fees and other obligations that they would have deferred at the spur of the moment just to indulge in pleasure.
We should spend knowing that there is still tomorrow to be lived.
We can also do good things for those underprivileged members of our society this season.
And these are many.
A little help will go a long way for those relatives and fellow villagers who have nothing to eat.
We at the Sunday Express would like to take this opportunity to thank our readers and advertisers for the support they have given us over the past five months.
We have gotten this far because of your support.
Thank you.
Enjoy responsibly.

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