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3 Chinese businessmen charged with selling expired foodstuffs

’Mantoetse Maama

MASERU — Three businessmen of Chinese descent were this week charged with contravening the Public Health Order 12 of 1970 after they were caught selling expired foodstuffs in their supermarkets. Police spokes person Masupha Masupha said the trio was arrested and charged after they were caught selling expired foodstuffs in Maseru.

“Daikun Chen, 44, was arrested after he was found selling expired goods in his supermarket in Ha Abia in Maseru.
“The suspect owns two supermarkets, namely Xiang and Fang and they are both situated in Ha Abia,” Masupha said.
“Another female Chinese, Meizheng, aged 28, was also charged with selling expired goods in her supermarket situated in Thabong.”

Meizheng owns Check Prize wholesale in Thabong. Cheanfu Chen, from Ha Rasetimela in Maseru, runs the Rasetimela Son Chen Minimarket. All the suspects pleaded guilty as charged. Daikun and Meizheng were sentenced to six months imprisonment or a fine of M200. They both paid the fines and were released. Cheanfu was sentenced to two months imprisonment or a fine of M200. He was released after he paid the fine.

Masupha said they were working closely with the health inspector to ensure no expired foodstuffs are sold to the public.
“We as police officers cannot prove on our own that the Chinese are selling expired goods. “We need to work together with the health inspector and trade officers to complete the procedure of law to prove that one is selling expired goods,” he said. He pleaded with Basotho not to take the law into their own hands.

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