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‘Tertiary institutions need relevant courses’

Ntsebeng Motsoeli

MASERU — The Minister of Development Planning Professor Maboee Moletsane says tertiary institutions should revise their curriculum to make way for courses that are relevant to Basotho’s needs.
Moletsane was speaking during his first meeting with civil servants in the ministry.
He said that it does not make sense that Lesotho has good resources like water and diamonds yet there are no relevant courses for their management.
“Our country is not developing because we offer services that are irrelevant to the needs of the people. Our task therefore as the ministry is to come up with plans that will be of significance to the development of the people. That is what’s expected of us,” Moletsane said.
“The development of the people of Lesotho lies with us. We are the heart of all the ministries. We have to offer assistance whenever we can because we have to coordinate all the efforts and activities so that they benefit all the people.”
He said it is his ministry’s duty to distribute wealth and services evenly amongst the people.
“There is a big gap between the government and the people that should be closed. In the villages women walk long distances to collect water from ponds. Our ministry should help alleviate the poverty.”
“I urge all of you (civil servants) to commit to your work.”
He added that his ministry will not accept any petitions from students who demand scholarships.
Moletsane was referring to recurrent marches by tertiary students to the office of the National Manpower Development Secretariat (NMDS) to demand a speedy processing of their sponsorship monies.
“We do not have money in our ministry. We are for development and planning. We will not accept pleas to find money to fit people into the list of those who need sponsorship because we do not have the money,” he said.

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