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‘No rotten food at Metolong’

‘Mantoetse Maama

MASERU — Sinohydro Corporation boss, Song Yi Jun, has denied allegations that workers at Metolong Dam are being fed rotten food. The workers told Energy and Water Affairs Minister Timothy Thahane on Wednesday that they are not happy with the work conditions at Metolong Dam. The workers also complained that they have not been given good quality safety clothes and when they complain they are threatened with dismissal. But Song on Friday said all these allegations are not true.

“It is not true that we feed our employees rotten food. We do our best to give them good food but still they are not satisfied. There is a local catering company that serves them launch for M20,” he said. He said the problem started after the company declined workers’ request to get their lunch allowances in cash because they “wanted to buy alcohol” with the money. “We are also planning to invite people from neighbouring villages to sell food to our employees or invite other local catering companies to tender for the supply of food to our people,” Song said. “According to a contract we signed with Metolong Authority we have to supply food to our staff members and not money and the majority of our employees are happy. We can only change this strategy if Metolong Authority and the majority suggest that we change.”
He added that while the labour law requires a construction company to give its employees reflective vests and helmets “we have gone further by giving them safety clothes and boots”.
Workers at Metolong however told the Lesotho Times that they are waiting for a response from the Lesotho Workers Association to chart the way forward in light of their grievances.
“We are readying ourselves for another strike next month,” he said.

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