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‘I didn’t kill Mosisili’s son’

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MASERU — A well-known TV producer has denied any link to the murder of Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili’s son seven years ago.

Instead the producer, Habofanoe Ntsie, alleges that some soldiers have been plotting to kill him since he started investigations into the murder of Maile Mosisili.

The Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) is now investigating Ntsie’s claims.

Ntsie was never charged with the murder of Maile, whose body was found in bushes near Victoria Hotel in Maseru in February 2002.

But there has been speculation that Ntsie — whose Little Things programme was popular on LTV — could be linked to the murder of Maile.

Ntsie said his problems started shortly after he alleged that a syndicate of soldiers and police were involved in the murder of Mosisili’s son.

He claimed he had gathered evidence on request by an international media house he declined to name.

“I did not kill Maile Mosisili,” Ntsie told the Sunday Express yesterday.

“In fact, when I learnt of his death it was only after the media house assigned me to investigate what had happened.”

Ntsie alleged that his investigations led him to a soldier who was working in the press section of the army.

He did not say whether or not the soldier he was talking about was the same soldier who was acquitted of Maile’s murder.

“When I interviewed this soldier about Maile Mosisili’s murder for the first time he said: ‘Leave it for a moment. Go away from it. We will talk about it later,’” Ntsie said.

“But when I interviewed him for the second time, he said: ‘I was ordered to do so.’

ntsie (Large)

“He however did not tell me who ordered him.”

Ntsie said rumours that he allegedly killed Maile were started by the actual murderers.

“They know that I have evidence which they cannot challenge,” he said.

“All they want now is to mislead the people into thinking that I am the one who killed Maile Mosisili.”

Ntsie claimed some soldiers have been plotting to eliminate him since he started investigations into the murder.

He said he reported the soldiers to the authorities at the LDF headquarters at Ha-Ratjomose after they raided his house looking for him.

LDF spokesperson Lieutenant Mathanzima Taneso confirmed the army has set up a commission of inquiry to probe Ntsie’s claims.

“Ntsie complained to the LDF authorities that some soldiers want to kill him,” Taneso said.

“He also said those soldiers accused him of having taken part in the murder of Maile Mosisili, the prime minister’s son.

“A commission of inquiry has been set up to investigate these claims.”

Taneso however declined to divulge the details or progress of the inquiry.

Although Ntsie reported the matter in 2004, the commission was only set up recently and has already started the probe.

Ntsie said in 2004 he went to th

e office of the then LDF commander, Lieutenant General Makhula Mosakeng, to complain after soldiers allegedly stormed his home twice.

“They came to my house heavily armed with gallil rifles and they were travelling in an army truck,” he said.

“They wanted to kidnap me but in all raids they did not find me.

“During the attacks, they found my wife to whom they introduced themselves as soldiers from the Lesotho Defence Force.”

Ntsie said when his wife ask

ed them if he should report to their office they said he should not.

“I realised that they wanted to kidnap me,” Ntsie said.

“That was when I reported them to their bosses. I pointed a finger at Mosakeng’s forehead and said: ‘Your delinquent soldiers and street crooks teamed up to kill the p

rime minister’s son . . . they murdered him.’

“I said to him: ‘Remove your inefficient soldiers from my home.’”

Ntsie however alleged

the soldiers have not abandoned their plan to kill him.

“Lately they engaged some civilians especially taxi drivers,” he claimed.

“These drivers often try to block the road when they see my car, perhaps thinking that I will jump out of the car holding a gun to fight them.

“I do not do such things because I am not stupid. They have failed to trap me.”

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