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‘How we were raped’

Ntsebeng Motsoeli

MOHALE — The four male trainee guards who made the headlines last week after alleging they were sodomised by their instructor at BB Alert Security training camp in Mazenod have relived their alleged ordeal.
The trainee security guards, in exclusive interviews, told the Sunday Express of the “shame and anger” they felt after they were allegedly sodomised.
The four men — aged 18, 21, 25 and 28 — gave details of their allegations immediately after a Mohale court granted their alleged assailant, Sehloho Mokapela, bail on Friday.
We have withheld the names of the four men because, as a matter of policy, we do not name rape victims.
All of them said they were “shocked”, “hurt” and “angered” after Mokapela allegedly sodomised them.
It took time to persuade the 21-year-old complainant to speak about the alleged sexual assault.
And when he finally spoke, his voice trembled with emotion.
He said it was because he was “deeply hurt by the sexual harassment”. 
He said he was working in the radio room at BB Alert Security’s training camp when Mokapela allegedly came in and started accusing him of sleeping on duty.
“I was working in the radio room that night when he came,” the 21-year-old said.
“He accused me of sleeping at work.
“I refuted his accusation because it was not true — I was not sleeping.”
An argument ensued, he said.
He said as tempers flared he decided to keep quiet because he did not want to “disrespect my senior”.
“I was trying to defend myself but when the argument got heated I gave in because I didn’t want to disrespect my senior,” he said.
He alleged that Mokapela then ordered him to go into another room where he said he was going to punish him.
“He locked the door,” the 21-year-old complainant said.
“He shoved me and told me to pull down my trousers.
“He ordered me to lie on a table.
“I thought he was going to whip me as it was the common punishment.”
Instead, he said, Mokapela allegedly pulled down his trousers and climbed on his back.
“He climbed on top of me,” he said.
“I tried to escape but he pressed me hard on the table.
“He said I should not look at him.
“He threatened to kill and he was so powerful.”
He alleged that Mokapela was holding a knife. 
He said Mokapela then started caressing his thighs and bottom.
“My body just froze as he brushed my thighs and buttocks,” he alleged.
“I felt his breath so near and I wanted to shout but he threatened to kill me.
“He inserted his sex organ between my thighs and raped me.
“I lied there helplessly waiting for him to finish.
“I was so disgusted when he finally ejaculated on me.
“Then he wiped me and told me to dress and go.”
He said after the rape he wanted to run outside and scream “so that everyone can see what had been done to me”, but Mokapela allegedly threatened him.
He immediately reported the alleged rape to one senior official in the camp, he said.
The 21-year-old said it will take a long time for him to return to his normal self.
During the hearing in Mohale on Wednesday he would sometimes stare outside through the window as if lost in thought. 
The 25-year-old alleged that Mokapela told him that he was raping him as punishment for sleeping at work.
He said when Mokapela called him to his room later that day he did not “expect that kind of punishment”. 
So when Makopela allegedly pulled up his mattress to reveal a knife underneath it the complainant said he was shocked.
And when Mokapela allegedly started pulling down his pants the 25-year-old man said he panicked.
“At first I thought he was just making a gesture to scare me,” he said.
“But I only found out the reality of what he was doing when he inserted his sex organ between my thighs and started performing a sexual act on me.
“I was so sickened and angry but I did not fight him because I was frightened by what he had become.
“I have never felt so disrespected and defenceless in my whole life.
“I just pulled up my trousers when he finished his business and went to my house.
“I did not ask him why he did it and he threatened to kill me if I told anyone what he had done to me.”
The 18-year-old complainant said Makopale looked like he had taken drugs when he raped him.
“He had this vicious look like someone who had been on drugs,” he said.
“His eyes were filled with cruelty as he prepared to rape me.”
The young man claimed that as soon as they entered his room, Mokapela allegedly told him to pull down his trousers.
“As I was bending to pull down by trousers, he pushed me onto his bed,” he said.
“I guessed what was about to happen and tried to escape but he grabbed me by my hand and threatened to kill me.
“I wanted to fight and stop him but I was intimidated by the cruel look he had on his face.
“He undressed and started raping me.
“I was so scared and disgusted.”
The 28-year-old complainant said even though the suspect did not use his sex organ on him, he felt violated after Mokapela allegedly caressed his thighs after accusing him of sleeping at work.
“Even though he did not do it to me like he did to others I can still say he sodomised me,” he said.
“He said it was a warning and warned me not to tell anyone what he had done to me.
“He said if I did he would kill me.
“I felt so down after that and I would not look anyone in the eyes because I felt like they would see the fear in my eyes.”
Mokapela was arrested on Monday last week.
He was granted a M250 bail by the Mohale Magistrate’s Court on Friday.
Mokapela will reappear in court for a remand hearing on December 4.
Magistrate ‘Masechaba Mothethoa presided over the case while ‘Makabelo Kantoro prosecuted.
The decision to grant the suspect bail however left the complainants furious.
“He can now move freely yet he is a dangerous man,” said the 28-year-old complainant.
“He can harm us especially because he knows where to find us.”
Mokapela could not be reached for comment.

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