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‘Fire mediocre managers at LEC’

‘Mantoetse Maama

MASERU — Energy Minister Timothy Thahane on Thursday said the Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC) should fire mediocre managers if it is improve services to Basotho. Thahane was speaking during an engineering conference for the LEC held in Maseru. He said mediocre managers will stall the company’s development and performance. “One of the company’s articles of incorporation is the responsibility to generate, transmit and supply electricity to the nation. Give us electricity all the time at an efficient cost and you also need to have skilled labour to deliver, it’s your responsibility to define what skills you need to achieve those,” he said.

The minister urged LEC staff to work together as a team and focus on their customers. “You should lay a foundation for an organisation that is characterised by professionalism and respect. LEC in the coming years should be a highly professional organisation,” he said. He added that the LEC’s mandate is to “deliver and supply Basotho with electricity”. “You should be a continuous learning organisation that supports personal improvement, an organisation with a sound and effective Information Technology system that provides unqualified accounts,” he said.
He said the LEC should provide audited financial accounts on time and produce annual reports as expected.

“Focus on customer’s needs. Be an organisation that excels in team work and respect for everyone. Have a highly motivated staff,” he said. He told the LEC managers to work on improving their network. “There are illegal electricity connections. You should make services available so that people don’t travel long distances to get services. You should have a forensic audit and work on your procurement department. Make sure that your policies are transparent,” he said.

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