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‘Coalition requires compromise, patience’

MASERU — Deputy Prime Minister Mothetjoa Metsing says being in a coalition government requires compromise and patience. Metsing who is the leader of the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) was speaking at a press club meeting on Friday.

The LCD is in a coalition government with the All Basotho Convention and the Basotho National Party. Metsing said because the people had high expectations for the government there is need for the coalition partners to focus on service delivery and creation of opportunities. He said the coalition government was for every Mosotho and not only the supporters of the parties that make up the government.

It will therefore be unfair for the government to dismiss government employees because they belong to other political parties, he said. The coalition government, Metsing said, is there to benefit every Mosotho.
“We should applaud ourselves for being able to bring unity in the country by bringing three parties together to form a government, and you should stop behaving like opposition when you are part of the government,” Metsing said.

“What we should be focusing on now is on how to create opportunities for the unemployed people through having a strategic budget”. Metsing said even though they are in a coalition government, it is still necessary for the partners to maintain their identities as political parties. He said this was one of the recommendations of the consultant hired to find ways to strengthen the coalition government. — Lena

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