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    Editor fire this man Teboho Molapo. He lies to your readers. He claims the stadium was filled to capacity in 1997 and in 2000 only. That is not true. The stadium was filled to capacity a lot more times. The frendlies between Bafana X2 and Likuena always filled the stadium. The Sundowns vs Likhopo game filled the stadium. The Manning Rangers vs LDF encoutter filled the stadium. So this man Teboho Molapo, does not complete his assignments. He likes dodgy work. So next time research before you write. You should feed us your wishes or your limited soccer knowledge. Even those sponsorship figure I doubt they are correct. I am giving you until this afternoon to correct them or else I will expose you.

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    Much to the relief of everyone, including the Botswana Football Association (BFA) Be Mobile on Monday announced that they are injecting P15 million into a three-year premier league sponsorship, that is P5 million per season.

    I hope Teboho Molapo understands that the league is not being sponsored by 15 million, rather, and most importantly, by 15 million in three years. That is 5 million per year of which 80 percent (4 million) goes to prize money.

    In Swaziland the league is sponsored by MTN by 10 million in three years. Any time you want to write about sports news just consult me I will give free lessons. Yes, I will not charge you a cent. Or you can do yourself the favour by not including details like dates, scores, etc in your stories. OK?


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