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Ultimate Radio celebrates 12th anniversary

Ultimate FM stations programmes manager, Tello “Dallas T” Leballo

Mohalenyane Phakela

ULTIMATE FM, is set to celebrate its 12th anniversary with a series of events which will run from next month as a build-up to the main festival which will be held in October.

The state-owned youth radio station will host the celebrations under the tagline ‘UltimateTurns12’.

Promotional activities will include outside broadcasting whereby several shows will be aired live from different community venues across the country.

According to the stations’ programmes manager, Tello “Dallas T” Leballo, this afford listeners to interact with their favourite presenters.

He said they have partnered with some local entertainment hotspots where they will host the events to entice people and generate interest for the main event while promoting local artistes.

“We have grown in reach, listenership and infrastructure hence we feel we should go all out to celebrate this milestone,” Dallas T.

“We have also partnered with joints such as 4Fordy where we will host a variety of promotional events to build up for the main in coming in October.

“Our primary aim has always been to promote local talent so we will also be engaging our artistes in these coming activities. A clear roadmap will be publicised soon through the radio as well as our social media pages.”

Established in 2006, Ultimate FM is one of the two state-owned radio stations and unlike its sister, Radio Lesotho, its listenership is mostly directed at the younger generation.

It is one of the local stations aimed at promoting local talent through airplay as well as Ultimate Music Awards which unfortunately will not be held this year. It currently airs on 99.8 and 88.6 frequency modulation as well as on medium wave.

Dallas T further mentioned that their coverage would soon expand to the entire country as well as online streaming.

“Our coverage covers almost the entire country including other parts of Botswana and South Africa. We are however, having problems in parts of Quthing and Mohale’s Hoek. The northern region uses the 88.6 frequency and not the popular 99.8 frequency. However, we are working to improve and soon the entire country will be able to listen via the 99.8 frequency.

“Our website and online streaming will be working in a few weeks to further increase coverage. The tour will also sensitise listeners about our innovations,” Dallas T said.

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