SA provincial minister wants to ease border crisis


Boitumelo Koloi

MASERU — Free State Province Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Dan Kgothule on Friday called for closer ties between South Africa and Lesotho for the benefit of the two peoples. Kgothule was in Lesotho together with a delegation from the ruling African National Congress (ANC). Kgothule was speaking at a memorial lecture to honour 42 people who were massacred by the apartheid regime in Maseru in 1982.
The ANC delegation arrived in Maseru on Thursday and retraced “the liberation route” where some of the liberation cadres died. Kgothule told the lecture attended by ANC struggle veterans and senior government officials that Lesotho had played a critical role in emancipating the South African people from apartheid.

He said in recognition of the role played by Basotho and in marking the ANC’s centenary celebrations the South African government had committed itself to improving the lives of Basotho. “Some of the commitments to Lesotho have already been finalised while some are still in the pipeline, hence premature to announce,” he said. Kgothule said South Africa is aware of the problems that Lesotho nationals are encountering at the borders when travelling between the two countries. He said South Africa is committed to finding a lasting solution to the border crisis as the present situation had the potential to sour relations between the two neighbours. “We have resolved to remedy this border issue because we are one with Basotho,” he said. “I have and still do continue to wonder why there are borders between Lesotho and South Africa, maybe a lasting solution would be to open up these borders.”

Kgothule added the South African government had already struck a deal with Lesotho to help improve its sporting facilities. “We have just stricken a deal with the Minister of Sports and Recreation in Lesotho, Thesele ’Maseribane, to improve sports in the country,” he said. He added they were in the final phase to change the name of the N8 road that links Bloemfontein and Maseru to King Moshoeshoe Memorial Road in honour of Lesotho’s founder Moshoeshoe I. He said they will also build a monument in Maseru to remember the 1982 massacre that saw 12 Lesotho nationals die together with 30 ANC political refugees at the hands of the apartheid soldiers. “A monument will be built in Lesotho in recognition of the act of solidarity shown by Basotho who not only housed ANC cadres but also lived and died with them,” he said.


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  1. “I have and still do continue to wonder why there are borders between Lesotho and South Africa, maybe a lasting solution would be to open up these borders.”

    Just open them up !

  2. While as Basotho we will relentlessly and jelously guard our sovereignty, we do not regard the problems deliberately created for us at our borders with South Africa as all that of an impediment. To us, of paramount importance is the improvement of the relations between our two sovereign states.

    Basotho have set the example of the kind of relations desirable between Lesotho and the free democratic South Africa.

    They facilitated unconditional entry and stay of their liberation forces in the country.

    Family homes were used as safe havens for such forces of the Pan Africanist Congress and African National Congress.

    Cadres and refugees (political) were allowed unconditional education at all levels, primary and tertiary.

    They enjoyed unconditional job opportunities in all spheres in our country, all in the spirit of UBUNTU. Some were teachers, doctors, law practitioners, business people etc.

    All we want is co-existance and reciprocal UBUNTU.

  3. Bothata ke bo-congress! ANC esale e sa ba batle. Le tla bua puo tsa mehlolo. Ho tla loka mohla Manasi a busang. Ache banna!!!

  4. @Lefa, ‘me joale ha ho na mohla manasi a tla busa naha ena ea rona hape hle. Macongress hase batho ba bopiloeng ke MOLIMO joaloka oona ma-ANC ao a hau? Macongress hase Basotho ba Lesotho moo ba nang le litokelo tsohle naheng eo ba tsoaletsoeng ho eona ea habo bona? Che u phoqehile, kea ipotsa hore na u holisitsoe joang lapeng leno. Haeba ma-ANC ao a hau a re a ntse a etsa Basotho lintho tse nyonyehang tsena hobane ba re ba hloile congress ea Lesotho, ere ba nke manasi ao a hau ba ilo busa South Africa koana hobane mona teng ba keke ba hlola ba busa hohang. Ma-ANC hase letho Lesotho mona. Ma-ANC hase melingoana ea Lesotho hohang ebile ha ho na le mohla e tlaba eona.

    Khotso lipakeng tsa Lesotho le South Africa e sentsoe ke oona ma-congress ao a hau a ma-ANC, joale ke bona ba tla ikhutlisa bare ba batla ho bopa khotso le Lesotho e neng e senngoe ke bona ma-ANC. Haeba ba kile ba qabana le Mokhehle tseleng bo Mandela, keng ha a sa mo ts’oarele fela eona ANC eo e ts’oaretse maburu a neng a ba khabela hakale ba ntse ba phela? Keng haba utloa eka ba keke ba ts’oarela moAfrica oa habo bona fela ba re hloliile hakale ka hore ba ts’oarela maburu a bileng a ntseng a ba nyonya le kajeno? Ba tla sala e ntse ele likaffir ka ho sa feleng.

  5. It is South African ANC government that has caused crisis at SA-LESOTHO borders itself. So, they are the ones responsible for solving those problems alone. Lesotho government has never closed or blocked its borders during apartheid regime for ANC members to illegally cross into our borders. I say illegally because most ANC members were crossing into Lesotho through paqama gate (illegal border) during white rule and no one had illtreated them in this country. We had never thought of any revenge against ANC people when crossing into our country, thats why I’m always being amazed by the way ANC people are misbehaving/fighting against during their ANC regime.

    They seemed to be revenging against the people of Lesotho. Why? Nobody knows. Maybe the revenge because we have hidden them from their brutal enemies during apartheid era and now they make us their big enemies. They come with bad strategy that they are going to build monument for their murdered ANC members. I think this would be a great insult to us as a nation. It is not our culture to build such things in the first place.

    Immediately after ANC had taken a government in 1994, Mandela started to think of digging out ANC remains from the cementary at Thibello, the action which is completely against our culture. ANC had insulted us as the nation of Lesotho. They only digged out those remainings here in Lesotho. They had never gone to Botswana, Swaziland, Angola, Uganda, Zambia and many others. They had just focused on Lesotho because they had hatred towards Lesotho and its people. They come to us telling that they are going to ease their borders for us, thinking we are stupid. ANC people, Basotho are not that stupid as you think.

    We were getting used to your harsh treatment between SA-LESOTHO borders. What make you think you must now ease movement in your borders between these two countries whilst you have closed those borders for us without valid reasons? I think your hatred is illtreating you because you do bad things which you will have to resolve yourself in the future.

  6. correction;
    We had never thought of any revenge against ANC people when crossing into our country, thats why I’m always being amazed by the way ANC people are misbehaving/fighting against Basotho during their ANC regime.

  7. Lesotho has done everything for ANC refugees during apartheid era here. They had unconditionally attended our schools, used our health facilities, got jobs, granted citizenship and also offered sites to build their houses. But immediately after their liberation, they treated us like rubbish where they think we are not human beings like them. They started becoming xenophobic towards us. They started hating other Africans because they wanted their country to be part of European or American continents. Shame on you ANC leaders and your people.

  8. Ke Mosotho eo eleng letsoalla la Repabliki, metso eaka ekahara naha. Bothata boo kenang le bona ke ba ho phahamisa maikutlo ha ho tsoanetse hore ho lukisoe litaba. Kutlusiso eaka kehore re MaAfrika ao eleng hore metso ea ona a Afrika. Ke ka boikokobetso le thapeli hore re se nkuoe ke maikutlo ha re bua litaba, hle chaba sa Morena Moshoeshoe!!!