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Rapper Maggz dates Cuban Linx

Mohalenyane Phakela

THREE South African Hip Hop stars are billed to set Cuban Linx off the hinges with an explosive show this coming Saturday.

Rapper, Maggz, alongside his companions DJ Vigilante and Mr X (DJ) are expected to keep patrons on their feet at this popular joint.  The show will also feature other local artistes, DJs Da Starr, Bootz, Ebonics and the Cuban Linx Kartel (Trybz, NINE24 and Konsept). Ms Kiva and Trey will play hosts of the night.

Maggz visit comes highly anticipated as this will be the first event he headlines in Lesotho as a solo artist. However, this is not Maggz’ first time to grace the Mountain Kingdom as in 2015 he performed as a group with Cashtime entourage before they parted ways.

Although his solo career is only blossoming now, Maggz is quite popular following tracks he has featured, such as DJ Dimples’ The Way; Ma-E’s Kanjalo; and Kid X’s Sisi.

He has also worked with DJ Vigi on tracks such as Sgelegeqe; Pasop; and Mary Jane, which the two will perform, come this Saturday.

Mr X will be doing his debut appearance but however, he is also expected to give a show alongside Maggz. In recent years, Vigi has become a regular in Lesotho where he has succeeded in turning his audience into a frenzy every time he plays in town.

He was billed for the Cuban Linx Launch in November last year but could not pitch-up due to unforeseen circumstances.

Speaking on behalf of Cuban Linx’s management, Ntisane Kimane said that Cuban Linx always tries to serve the best interests of their clientele.

“We have clients of different tastes and age groups, so we have set-aside Saturdays for exclusively our young followers who are by law allowed to club,” he said.

“We studied the kind of environment they enjoy and always try to bring artistes they love and follow on social media. In this case, Maggz is one of the South African acts they follow. We believe they are hungry to find out more about what his solo career has to offer. We had actually booked him alone, but he insisted on coming with Mr X and Vigi whom he works with on regular basis. We saw that as a bargain because Vigi still had to come after failing in November. Mr X will be making a new impression in Lesotho,” he said.

Kimane also mentioned they will not separate locals from foreign acts during the show, as was the norm. “In fact, we want to allow them to interact to foster good working relations. If you look at Cuban Linx Kartel, they have managed to create strong relations with other foreign artistes who have performed at the club and later invited them to play in South Africa.”

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