LCD Spokesperson Selibe Mochoboroane

LCD says enough is enough!

Party’s deputy spokesperson, Selibe Mochoboroane says Metsing’s ‘humiliation’ is the final straw’

Keiso Mohloboli

The Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) deputy spokesperson, Selibe Mochoboroane, says the All Basotho Convention (ABC) leaders “will get the fight they are looking for” from him and his party.

Mr Mochoboroane, who is also the Minister of Communications, Science and Technology, yesterday told the Sunday Express that the ABC leaders must never fool themselves into believing Basotho are not aware of their “corrupt activities,” which he said would soon be exposed for the nation to see who is “really corrupt” in the coalition government.

The minister—who was dragged before the Maseru Magistrate’s Court on Friday, alongside party leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Mothetjoa Metsing for alleged corruption before the case was withdrawn—insists the move was only meant to portray the LCD leaders as dishonest, which he said the ABC would pay for dearly.

Mr Mochoboroane also said he was surprised to realise he was one of the accused in the case, when he had only gone to the court to offer his leader moral support.

“That humiliation visited upon Ntate Metsing and myself, was meant to be just that—a humiliation of the LCD leadership and the party as a whole.

“It was carefully planned to portray the LCD as a corrupt party. On my part, I was not even invited to appear in court the way Ntate Metsing was handed the court papers on his arrival from Namibia, and while he was still at the airport, for that matter.

“I went to the court to support him in the case, only to find out that I was the Second Accused in the case. Maybe I was not given the court summon as a way of trapping me. These people wanted to arrest me for contempt of court had I not been in court because how else do you explain such a situation, when I was not even made aware that I was supposed to be in court?” Mr Mochoboroane said.

According to Mr Mochoboroane, there are procedures which must be followed when a minister is suspected of corruption.

“It was so inappropriate for the whole deputy prime minister to be given a court summon at the airport in front of so many people.

“One would expect the Attorney General or Director of Public Prosecutions to handle the matter if ever there was a case against Mr Metsing. Humiliating him at the airport like that was an insult and unacceptable disgrace.”

Mr Mochoboroane further said it has been a painful journey since the LCD, ABC and Basotho National Party (BNP) formed a coalition government in June 2012. The three parties decided to pool their constituencies together to come up with the 61-plus parliamentary seats required by the country’s constitution for a party or coalition of parties to form a government.

“Accusing DPM Metsing of corruption is the worst form of disrespect, and again, why are these corruption allegations only being levelled at LCD members? Some ABC leaders and  members, who are part of the civil service, are involved in so many corrupt activities that are well-known by the people. Instead of dealing with such cases, they are accusing the LCD leaders and supporters of being corrupt.

“You know, we are ever-ready to give the ABC the political fight that they are looking for. As the LCD, we have had enough of the mistreatment that the ABC is giving us within the coalition government. If they don’t want to work with us, they should just be clear and tell us the truth, rather than telling lies about the LCD leadership being corrupt.”

Meanwhile, the Alliance of Congress Parties (ACP) Youth League leaders held a press conference at the Maseru Magistrate’s Court on Friday, and accused Dr Thabane of being behind the “humiliation” of Mr Metsing.

The ACP comprises the LCD, Democratic Congress (DC), Lesotho People’s Congress (LPC), Basotho Congress Party (BCP) and Basotho Batho Democratic Party (BBDP).

The LCD Member of Parliament (MP), Tšoanelo Ramakeoana said Dr Thabane should come clean on Mr Metsing’s “humiliation”.

“Ntate Thabane claims that he hates corruption, yet he is just out to humiliate certain people by using the police.

“In-fact, the truth of the matter is that there is a group of misdirected individuals called the ABC Resource Group. It is this group that is creating all these problems, and not the government as claimed by Thabane.

“What I would want to advise the police is not to be used by politicians; if they want to be politicians, they should discard the LMPS uniform and wear the ABC’s yellow regalia,” Mr Ramakeoana said.

Mr Ramakeoana said as the youths of this country, they are “ready to die” for Lesotho.

On his part, the LPC Youth League leader Bokang Ramatšella said Dr Thabane should “get ready and furnish prison cells with comfortable beds because he will soon find himself behind bars” for his alleged  corrupt activities.

“Ntate Thabane is using government funds to look after some village women under a programme being run by his partner. Those are public funds which should not be used the way they are being used under this programme. Is this not corruption?” Ramatšella said.

Repeated efforts by the Sunday Express to get a comment from the ABC were fruitless, while there was also no immediate comment from the prime minister’s office.

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  1. gadaffi
    gadaffi at |

    Ha re sekebe ra lla kaofela ba neoa mangolo joalo,lene le etsang ma-l.c.d. Ka ho etsa selekane le manasi,ke hobane hale a tsebe le be le shebile meharo Ena ea lona.uena. Tsoanelo tsamaeang Leo tsosa (pressure committies tsa l.c.d.)metsi le parafini. Likeke tsa kopana oa lelaea ntate thabane phutlang ka ona ole metsi,le rekisitse puso ea ma-congress le se le lelera Hohle .paramente e TLA buloa ka 2015 phato lene lele banaka 1970 ke ka hona le keneng lerabeng lena

  2. BKC
    BKC at |

    It has been for some time now that I have been observing to the Nation that Thabane and his cronies are on a return journey to the early 1970s!

    His solid attempts at control of the judiciary, army, police and cabinet have been signs of a bad turn about!

    Now he has even re-opened the office of the first lady to be occupied by his official concubine making use of public funds. Where anybody that dares to challenge him in that area becomes an enemy of the state-ebe ngoana eo o filen monna moholo eo eng banna!

    May be the DCEO should now turn their attention to Liabiloe!

  3. Lekholokoe
    Lekholokoe at |

    Thabane’s ambition all along was to be a PM, after granting his long lasting wish of becoming PM by using Metsing, he has revealed his true colours, thinking that ABC is the only ruling party in the coalition, a true nationalist at heart, he has fooled Mokhehle, Mosisili, Lekhanya and now Metsing hobane ele lilehe tsa banna not realising hore Thabane is an opportunist who turned the coalition government into a complete joke in the eyes of his great enemy (Pakalika Mosisili) who will use everything that Thabane does this advantage so that he can find his way back into the PM post and haunt Lesotho future favourable prospect like a dieseas as he is indeed one that looks to be uncurable and even worse than AIDS.

  4. robert
    robert at |

    Shield June 22, 2014 at 5:36 pm – Reply
    Two and a half-years ago, I saw a posting revealing the behind the scenes political truths to many. Lesotho at the time was about to go through elections and many were uncertain of what the future beheld. There were fears of political violence and unrest, and as surely as I saw that posting, Basotho went into prayer. The result– the man who had held the country hostage through poverty, strive and political assasinations for 15 years was defeated. That evil was in the name of Pakalitha Mosisili.

    The evil was not killed, it was just defeated. There were two people at the center of possible turmoil and potential unrest – Mothejoa Mesting and Prime Minster Pakalitha Mosisili.They were fighting over party leadership, and this led to a split forming LCD and DC parties.

    Mothejoa Metsing vs Pakalitha Mosisili

    Mothejoa Metsing poses a problem. In 2011, he accused Pakalitha Mosisisili’s “dictatorial” leadership style and mentioned his decision not to retire at the end of his term in 2012 worried the ruling party, a leaked US diplomatic cable said. Metsing stated that despite his position he had never been consulted by Mosisili about party policy or activities, the cable said.

    In 2014, it is Mothejoa Metsing again who accused Prime Minister Thomas Thabane of making unilateral decisions and not consulting him on issues of importance. Truth is, Pakalitha Mosisili has Mothejoa Metsing under his spell, and Metsing is not even aware of it.

    When given a chance make a Vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Pakalitha
    Mosisili in 2012, he chickened out. Had he not, he could have been Prime Minister today.

    What we see here is a young, immature, power-hungry inexperienced politician who just happened to be in politics. He makes hasty decisions, doesn’t know what happens behind the curtains and some in his party have accused him of poor leadership,
    firing members who disagree with him, and yet he accuses Thabane of the same.

    Mothejoa Metsing is a danger to Lesotho’s political landscape and I salute the LCD members who stood against him when he decided to form a coalition with DC. They should demand that he leaves the party or proclaim the their coalition with DC invalid.

    Pakalitha Mosisili, like a wolf in a sheepskin, has been a master manipulator behind all this and should he get back to power, he is going to dump Mothejoa Mesting in the worst way he’s ever experienced. Mosisili knows in his heart he can never trust
    Mothejoa Metsing, as he gave him problems back in 2011/2012 and is giving problems to Thomas Thabane now. He knows this, butonly agrees to Metsing’s coalition so he could get back in power.

    Pakalitha Mosisili’s spell over Mothejoa Metsing was success in 2012 as it is in 2014. While Mosisili’s 15 year rule was ended by Basotho’s prayer, he is dying to get back to power, as Basotho stopped praying for their leadership, and will manipulate Mothejoa Metsing at all costs TO achieve this. Everytime people stop praying, the devil sees an opening. Pakalitha Mosisili is a necessary evil that must be STOPPED NOW from getting back to power and this can be achieved through prayer. No, this is not an attack against DC political party, its a revelation of one man- Pakalitha Mosisili.

    What many don’t know is that this man has blood on his hands, he has killed many individuals through satanism, withcraft and spells and this included his own son, Maile Mosisili. Mothejoa Metsing, like a coward, has never had a backbone to stand for himself and has sought a second-place position with a party that is not even in government, all this becuase he was under a spell of Mosisili.

    Now its time for Basotho to pray for stability of their country. I did not write this becuase I am pro-Thomas Thabane, I don’t agree with most of his decisions as much as I don’t agree with the notion of Pakalitha Mosisili getting back to power becuase I know if he does, there will be a blood-bath and many people will be killed. Basotho should NOT ALLOW MOSISILI BACK IN POWER AGAIN, OR ELSE, THEY WILL SEE SOMETHING LIKE THEY’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. THIS IS A WARNING. I have evidence suggesting this and if you don’t believe, please inbox me. Please note that I will be very selective of who I give information to, to protect my identity.
    I will not reveal what party I support now (no, its not ABC or BNP), but in 2012, I voted for the DC and know most things from a first-person’s point of view. The good thing is, the government of South Africa and the SADC community would not allow the blood-thirsty, power-hungry war-mongers like Pakalitha Mosisili to destabilize the small nation.

  5. Neo
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    @Robert can you plz drop me email at or inbox on facebook neo leduma


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