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LESOTHO Boxing Association (LBA) executive has said it is fully behind its president Moses Kopo and has confidence in his leadership of the organisation.

Katiso Tšenoli, the LBA spokesperson said this to the Sunday Express recently. He was responding to rumors that some members of the association are lobbying the clubs to sign a vote of no confidence in Kopo.

A 2006 Commonwealth Games silver medalist, Kopo was elected LBA president in March last year. He took over from Takatso Ramakhula who had led the association since 2012.

The post was contested by Kopo and Teboho Mafatle but the former won all the votes.

Tšenoli admitted that he had heard the rumors but said there was nothing formal regarding the issue table to the executive.

“I have also heard those rumors that there are people going to other clubs lobbying them to sign a letter which was said to be of motion of no confidence in the president,” Tšenoli said.

“However, the letter has not reached my table as the spokesperson. What I cannot dispute is the existence of the letter and whether or not any of the executive members have received it because we have not since the Commonwealth Games. All the scheduled meetings have been postponed since then but as far as I am concerned, the executive is behind the president.”

Tšenoli however, suggested that the complaints and the petition were likely coming from a section of the association that was unhappy about the selection if the Commonwealth Games team.

He also dismissed the complaints as baseless.

“The accusations do not hold water. We know there are people that do not like being led by others and always want everything to go their way.

“People are complaining about the selection of the team that went to the Commonwealth Games but the president did not make any input into that. The technical team that was appointed alongside with the team manager were responsible for that and the president only approved,” Tšenoli said.

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