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Good Times Café back with a bang

Good Times Cafe Owner These Pashe entertaining guests at the launch

Mamohlakola Letuka

GOOD TIMES Café officially opened doors to its long-waiting clients last Thursday, presenting a weekend-long special launch at the Pioneer Mall in Maseru.

The official rebirth of the acclaimed joint saw some excited familiar faces that used to frequent the Café popping-in and ordering some food and drinks.

Good Times closed-down for a year after the owner felt that it had evolved into a night club and against his initial plans for the place. The owner, These Pashe, said they reopened the café, which now has an enhanced European style and fresh look.

“The plan is to import the experience we have gathered over the years in our previous businesses and from our travels globally, into this magnificent space we have created,” These said.

Some of the guest dining at Good times Cafe launch

He said they have created a sanctuary where people can host meetings and also enjoy freshly prepared meals.

These said the café was closed after it was turned into a night club by the previous management, adding this had defeated his dream for the place.

“With that transformation, which I did not like, I was forced to close it,” These said.

He said the eatery is uniquely created to be accessible without any restrictions.

“We encourage people to come in any business attire of their choice, which means you can come in and enjoy your meeting or meals in any attire you wear when doing business.”

He said they are conscious of the modern eating patterns and have adapted a flexi-approach, which requires them to customise dishes selected to suit various tastes, even the rare ones.

“The eating trends are changing with many foodies now careful about their dietary requirements. We therefore strive to serve fresh and made-to-order meals, in addition, our menus cater for everyone, including vegetarian and meat lovers.”

However, it was Good Times all the way last weekend with clients enjoying their meals while live music played soothingly in the background.

The clients received complimentary drinks and food including fish, rice, curries and vegetarian dishes.

Despite its closure a year ago, Good Times café remains popular around Maseru, and its reputation as a place of good food, family gathering and friends meeting venue still lives on.

The café manager, Thabo Pashe said the come-back rekindled good memories.

“This will remain an unforgettable place, an addiction if you like. People passionate about good food and those who love of spending quality time in a cosy place, this is a place calling you.

“We are happy to be back, and we promise much better good times. We are here to serve the best food in town in a space that all people will love and feel comfortable to share some good laughs,” Pashe said.

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