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Cyclists step up Commonwealth preps

Tumelo Makae (left) on the podium during medals giving ceremony

Moorosi Tsiane

THE 2017 Africa Continental Mountain Bike championship silver medalist, Tumelo Makae, is the major attraction in the Lesotho cycling team at the upcoming Commonwealth Games to be staged from 26 March to 15 April this year in Gold Coast, Australia.

Lesotho will be represented by a team of 22 athletes and four of these are Lesotho Cycling Association (LCA) cyclists namely Makae, the Olympian, Phetetso Monese and Malefetsane Lesofe (male category) as well as Likeleli Masitise (female category).

LCA president, Sehaule Mpopo, told this publication that preparations for the Commonwealth Games had begun in earnest and they had selected the best athletes namely Makae, Lesofe, Monese and Masitise”.

Mpopo revealed that they also had two more cyclists on standby.

He said Makae and Lesofe are taking part in different competitions in South Africa.

“Lesofe and Makae are in South Africa at the World Cycling Centre and they will compete in a series of competitions before their camp ends later this month.

“When the South Africa camp ends, Makae will move to another camp in Switzerland at another World Cycling Centre where he will join other top cyclists preparing for the Commonwealth Games. From there he will go to Australia for the games.

“Apart from these, other cyclists left the country on Thursday for the South African Championships in Cape Town that end today. These are Masitise and Monese as well as two reserves.

“The Lesotho Commonwealth Games Association wants a strong team so we want to give our athletes as much exposure as we can especially from the international competitions so that they can kill their stage fright which has cost us in previous competitions,” Mpopo said.

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