MPs in nasty exchanges overfake certificates
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Caswell Tlali

MASERU — Tempers flared in parliament on Thursday during debate on whether the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology students who were caught with fake certificates last year should be given a second chance. The main opposition Democratic Congress (DC) advocated leniency while the ruling coalition of All Basotho Convention (ABC), Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) and the Basotho National Party (BNP) were adamant that they should be sent to prison.

The heated debate started after the Deputy Minister of Education, Apesi Ratšele told DC MP Lineo Molise-Mabusela, that the plan is to see the students going to prison.
Molise-Mabusela had asked the minister to update parliament of “plans to save the Limkokwing students who were expelled due to forged certificates from facing a bleak future”.

“It is quite disturbing that the Honourable Member of Parliament asks the Honourable Minister of Education and Training to apprise this Honourable House of the minister’s plans to salvage their future,” Ratšele said. “The plan is to see them going to prison. That is where they belong,” he said. “We need not to be seen condoning this kind of abhorrable practice. Remember, these people fraudulently gained advantage and admission into our institutions of higher learning which they did not deserve, denying the opportunity to those who deserve.”

Ratšele said “these criminals fraudulently acquired sponsorship from the National Manpower Development Secretariat (NMDS) denying the opportunity to the deserving students.” Standing on point of order, the DC’s Mphosong MP Bataung Leleka complained that Ratšele instead of answering the question he was making a ministerial statement in parliament and wrongly finding the students guilty even before their cases were heard by the courts.

“His is a hard talk of people being sent to prison,” Leleka said. “I don’t know how he found them guilty.” Deputy Sepeaker Lekhetho Rakuoane ruled that Ratšele’s statement was appropriate. “Indeed the people should know that they are going to prison,” Rakuoane said. Molise-Mabusela then asked if the education ministry had not acted prematurely by ensuring that the students are expelled before courts of law found them guilty, to which Ratšele answered that they have just been suspended.

“When the courts find them guilty, as some of them have already been found guilty, they will go to prison where they deserve to be,” Ratšele said. Molise-Mabusela also asked if it was not a waste of public funds to expel students, some of whom have already studied for some years and were performing well. Ratšele answered that it did not matter whether they had spent years studying and were good performers.

“The bottom line was that they are fraudsters worthy of being imprisoned,” he said.
The DC’s Lebakeng MP, Semano Sekatle, wanted Ratšele to assure parliament that since he was determined to see that the fraudsters were jailed, all people with fake certificates will have the same fate “especially the ones he has just employed”. Ratšele said they will go to prison “irrespective of whether they are of the ruling side or the opposition side. They belong there”.

Another DC MP, Popane Lebesa, said Ratšele should assure the House that he would swallow his pride when others are found not guilty. Seemingly annoyed by the exchange between the DC MPs and Ratšele, the Lesotho Workers Party leader Macaefa Billy said the questions asked were promoting corruption. Billy wanted Deputy Speaker Rakuoane to stop DC MPs asking Ratšele further questions, complaining that that was tantamount to promoting corruption.

“Truly I do not believe that this is the policy of parliament, because if we are really MPs it is our duty to reduce corruption,” Billy said. Mootsi Lehata, the DC MP for Makhaleng, complained that Rakuoane allowed Billy to accuse the DC MPs of promoting corruption.

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  1. semenekane says:

    I don’t understand why DC is defending corrupt students? Is it because corruption is their party’s slogan?

    Mabusela who do u think u are in this world?. Corrupt DC members should be send to prison with immediate effect together with their boss His Excellence Hon. Mahaletere for stealing government’s funds.

    Corrupt DC, sis!

  2. Sebele says:

    Hobaneng ha batho bana ba potoana ba emela bobolu,kapa ke oona mosebetsi oa opposition!

  3. Koko inama says:

    Mapotoana ana atletsoe ke botsikoane ba opposition ka mpeng ka mona. Bale bats’oeroeng ba matichere bona ke bana ba machina kapa ba ntja?

  4. molakolako says:

    Taba ea DC e hlaka hantle! Ho forger certificate ehlile .ke tsela ea bona ea tsebetsome .ba tlameha ho e buella!

  5. Hlomathisa says:

    Dibolu Congress! This is what the know best. Democratic Corruption. Sis!

  6. Lekwete says:

    Hee! MAPOTWANA a rekena ka tsebeng hore ba emele bobodu Sis! DINEO yena ke mang a batlang ho laola Parliament? Butleng ka corruption matatwa ting a DC. Helek!!!

  7. Oa Phasemane says:

    La ithaburanya bo manashenale, PS e e nang le forgery certificate eona le tla hle le bue tje ka eona, teng le tsoere taba, batho ba utsoang ba tsoaroe, Ha reeng Mokola e sale a ema nokeng hore ho fasoe ” sika la thole, Ntetekoane” Ha reeng kaofela, Qalang communications mono bo ntate le bo me sika le khaohe!

  8. Mary says:

    Wht è f…k is wrng with DC (Devil’s Cemetry). Its nt surprising they r supporting corruption because mangolo a bokunyata a qalile ka puso ea bona. The whole entire 15yrs. Sis

  9. Piololo says:

    Hantle ntle bo Lineo ba tena ba ts’ereletsa bobolu tjena hoba baa ameha bobolung mono,hake utloisisi hore naa motho haa entse fraud hoso ntso hlakile hore o lokeloa ke teronko naa why ba batla defenda taba ena.Le joale ke hantle hore ebe DCnyana ena ea bona hae buse ho hlakile hore rene se ntse re kene kahare

  10. mabote says:

    Ka tla ka soaba! Ka mokhoa oo ke ratang DC ka teng! Na batho ba rona ba buelella bobolu tjee? Ke khathetse matla hore!

  11. masapo says:

    tis ting ea Mp’s tsa Dc ka paramenteng ea ho emela BOBOLU KENG HANTLE? Ache na ke bona bohanyetsi bo hahang kapa kebo batlang ho liela puso e ea letsema!

  12. Mehasula says:

    Khele, joale mona hoa polotikoa…Lineo o Bohlale.

  13. Lepotoana says:

    Good people, much as you seem to associate the DC with what Mrs. Lineo Molise-Mabusela and others said, we the DC supporters would like to distance ourselves from their positions of defending fraud. DC e nena fraud le boqhekanyetsi ka litsela tsooohle tsa bona. It is very disturbing for the honourable DC members to have adopted such counter revolutionary positions. Re soabile ke hona.

  14. Lefefooane says:

    It never amazes me that those DC MPs condone fraud, corruption and malpractice. In fact that is what DC stands for. Ehlile potoana e emela litsila tse kang tse tjena ka tsena. Now you wonder what type of so-called leaders will stand up in parliament condoning academic fraud. Surely the DC supporters will have a lot of explaining on this. This is the most disgusting peace of shit I have ever read in recent time. Utloang na bo Lineo le bo Semano ba reng hle banna?

    1. Molise-Mabusela had asked the minister to update parliament of “plans to save the Limkokwing students who were expelled due to forged certificates from facing a bleak future”. Bosatane
    2. Another DC MP, Popane Lebesa, said Ratšele should assure the House that he would swallow his pride when others are found not guilty. Meleko

    Mapotoana, itlhatlhobeng.

    Yours Truly

  15. Letebele says:

    Kwakwaakwakwakwa!!! Ruri molomo ha o na khoele hape batho re lebala kapele. Ke maoba mona ha babelaelloa ba litlolo tse mpe tsa molao tse akhang lipolao ba fuoa amnesty ‘me ba bile ba amoheloa ke tonakholo ea naha ena ntle le ho hlaha kapela makhotla a molao despite the fact that some of them were already criminally charged. Haeba bo Chakela ka litlolo tsa molao tseo ba belaelloang ka tsona ‘muso ona o ka bona ho lokeleha ho ba ts’oarela, ha ke utloe na bona ke bo mang ba loketsoeng ke ts’oarelo e betere hofeta batho bano ba belaelloang ka mangolo a mokunyata. Masepa ke masepa ho sa tsotellehe na a etsoa ke mang. Joale haeba babolai ba tla nkoa eka ba betere hofeta litloli tse ling tsa molao ke ho bolela hore ‘muso ona ke oa babolai hence ba sireletsang likoeta

  16. Mokoko oa Lihlaba says:

    Lineo ena ehlile o tla emela bobolu hoba joale monna oa hae oa teraefara o tsoa china ka lengolo la mokunyata la liploma. le hore o sentse a lelekela taba tsa bona le bo khetsi ka tendara ea li ID /Passports le melata.

  17. semenekane says:

    Lineo o etsoa ke taba ea hore o kene paramenteng ka lirope

  18. Ha ntle ntle bo Lineo leabe se le ts’ohile eng ha le buiella ntho tsee lits’ila tjee?

    Batho baa ba DCEO le Mautloela e le hore ha ba utloe hore Mosali eo ona le Litaba?

    Ntho tse kang tsena li lokela ho latelloa.

  19. Bobete says:

    You cannot teach an old dog new tricks, DC e phetse le bobolu hoo e seng e le semelo sa bona therefore its impossible to dissociate themselves from corruption. Loudspeaker ena ea bona e Lineo o tla ba kenya likhathatsong.

  20. Napo says:

    For as long as Potoana/DC has Molise-Mabusela as its face it will never attract any votes. That lady does not resonate well with any real issues. Besides ke motho ea seleng ea emelang bobolu.

  21. Lefefooane says:

    I am sure those guys in the DC who had to read and sweat hard for their academic success should be dissapointed by this new revelation of what their movement(DC) stands for. Surely this is not what they expected. They never thaught that one day they will be seen to be advocating academic fraud and/or condoning it. Che u li tsabe lipolotiki. Ruri ke ipotsa hore na Mapotoana a feela a ema le maparamente a ona tabeng ena. So DC does not want people to get genuine academic qualifications. Che mehlolo ruri!!!

    Yours Truly

  22. Patriotic Mosotho says:

    Point of correction to the officials Limkokwing University has’nt been found as the only institution with student who gained entrance through froadulent means. Truely such people should be found guilty but not all guilty people go to jail but there are other means of punishment worthy for such student including their acomplises

  23. liboba says:

    Basotho tlohelang ho roesa sebe meritlhoana, sebe ke sebe. Ha motho a entse sebe a ahloloe ho fele.

  24. Raisi says:

    Che meleko ya mapotoana!!! Ke bona bohanyetsi bo matla bo?

  25. semenekane says:

    Hantle Lineo corruption ea hae e qala ka lapeng la hae. Morali oa hae Oa monna oa pele ha a buisi Mabusela. Ke eng ntho eo?.

    Lineo hoja oa tlama molomo ono oa hau hobane re tla u joetsa litaba tsa hau etsoe re ea li tseba. U tlameha u ameha scandaleng sa li – I’d le Khesi.

    Tlohela ho phuisa Bro Tom khang u emela bobolu bona ba lona. Mapolesa le tla ts’oara Mahaletere neng le Lineo eo oa hae ea keneng ka bobolu ba lirope ka paramenteng?

    Mahaletere a eo panya-panya Ntloana-ts’oana koana hammoho le baetsana ba hae bo Lineo. Corrupt as they are, sis!

  26. @ Semenekane le bolela hore hona le lebatooa leo ho thoeng ke Lirope? Batho baa ba Lirope naa bane ba tseba ntho eo ba e etsang ha batla khetha ‘M’e eo ho kena Paramenteng?

  27. Lefefooane says:

    @Patrotic Mosotho, true enough you are correct Limkonkwing is not the only institution(note that I dio not call it university) to be found to have admitted students with fakes credentials. However, the issue with Limkonkwing was that it lowered the standards so low that it only attracted 3rd class or GCE (Not unless you know anyone who passed COSC with first class at Limkonkwing).

  28. moleko says:

    I wonder hore na this cheap debate DC/opposition is comming up with is to waist time and avoid serious issues such as amendment of trade,declaration of assets not only by minister but all MP’s block farming of which MP Ramootsi Mokone Lehata confessed to have been involved in fraudly taken some of money from block farming and is paying though with low instalment,also talk on latest scandals surrounding MP Popane Lebesa.I believe the key issue is to deal with corrupt ex-gov official from previous regime with or without favour in coalition gov or not.Fo as long as i know no one is above the law in this country so let law take its measure MP Lineo Molise mabusela unless you have motive bihind this cheap debate

  29. ntofene says:

    aae ma DC aeso butleng bulu botsoae ka metso “na nkile ka flopa sponsaship satane tse tsa se thola ke na le agregate 25 wat a shame.

  30. tjontjobina says:

    banabeso Molimo o se a ba tsoile Mopotoana, hona joale tseo ba li entseng ka sekhukhu ba li buoa pooaeng moo btho ba ba mametse, mosatsana eno oa tseba hore ke bona ba thotileng bana bano malapeng ba ba tlisa sokolong sa moetapele e le moo ba reng lifoutu. Le motho ea ba thusitseng ho fumana mongolo a bolotsana ba ea mo tseba. Le bolile mapotoana. le monna oa hau Lineo o ntse a ile China ka bobolu sis! Ha le sa rata, le ho lula moo le hirileng ho etsa botho ba tsoanang le lona, ha le nahana KHEHLE ea matlo a muso. le mokoloi ane ao le neng le ngolosa le thesa ka ona.

  31. Pingpong says:

    Se ka its’oenyang kapa hona ho ikutluisa bohloko ka DC hleng Molimo ea matla o kene lipakeng keo o e nkile a paka ntle koana. Tlotla e isoe ho Jehova Molimo feela. Hao! le batla kotlo e kae Basotho?

  32. Lepotoana says:

    Bahesong, re itse Lineo Molise-Mabusela ha a bue litaba tsa rona ma DC. This Lineo Molise-Mabusela made us lose elections by labelling and insulting the policemen and women as “Ma Form Five a sa rutehang”. On the eve on national elections this Lineo Molise-Mabusela was spitting venom. ‘Na le Mapotoana a heso a ka righting(The liberals) rare “surely we will not win elections with people like Mabusela at the helm. No wonder we lost Hlotse No 13. Now she is on it spitting venom. Again kea le eletsa ma leftists(Conservatives) we should get rid of Lineo Molise and Serialong Qo and Popane Lebesa and Mokose because Lineo can’t win us votes. Qo is uneducated no wonder he once said “Bana ba ma DC ba keke ba bonoa ka lienvelope tse brown seterateng” and Popane Lebesa was corrupt with NMDS and one Bothata Mahlala. Sadly Popane dondones the presence of Chinese in Lesotho. Ntate Moks is weak as a person. Add block farming scandal to the already weak Moks then surely we will not win Kolonyama No.18 and of course the entire Northen Lesotho.

    Neeeteee Ke theebe!!!

  33. Lerato says:

    Kea le bolella ke re” ha feela Molise-Mabusela entse ele lepotoana haho moo DC e eang eng, ha ke hane hore ba ts’oanela ho hanyetsa ka paramenteng tje haele bohanyetsi, em[a ke bona eka ena o hanyetsa le lintho tse sa hanyetseheng, kapa mme oraba le pele a ka utloisisa lipotso hantle. Hantle o motho ea joang ausi Lineo, ke bona o tlotlolla le batsoali ba hao ke boits’oaro bona ba hao, mmoho le masea ana ao Molimo a o fileng ona. Sis. Ekare ha u mme oa seaparo.

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